It’s said the heart is mad, but ours are wise
To realize “wisdom” holds their-own demise
Rules once real become in-verse laid low
With passion now as madness redefined
While “reason” swathes the soulfool/spirit-blind
Wise hearts call “madness” lover, “wisdom” foe

Recall when you were babe at mother’s teat
Knowing but to suck, thereby to eat
Now uniformed, grown to our elder’s garb
G(u)ilt rags on parched imperial husks
Choked on depletion of feral human musks
We must relearn to suck if not to starve

Nature detests emptiness unfilled
In such cases, waste is what’s UNspilled
From and ‘pon you, let such squanderance come
For pleasures seen are good, but better felt
Lay, and lap the pool from where we knelt
Alive, with nature’s essence on thy tongue

With parted lips, come, nurse green Eden’s spout
Taste nectar, drink, come now and end thy drought
As primal mammal’s milk in desert throats
Proclaims, in sighs of grand heraldic notes
Ablution where knew not you you’d been burned
The moment o’erlong-absent rains returned


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