Sun Eros Tao Circle

Sun-moon-star footed,
 Universe burst self-birthed, behind thine eye.
 Fingers licked flames inside thee deeply rooted
 Felt comet trails, across thy bare skin sky

My wild eye nose-led me toward that fire.
 For true, like Puck, I am a roguish elf
 Thou dryad, we know this world’s most wise desire
 Is all our senses call desire itself

This olibanum flesh which wraps us, mi Consuelo,
 has been, ten billion years before, a star
 which stretched herself through time to be remembered,
 preserved perfect, though perfectly dismembered,
 in remnants of her dying light flung-far…

…Coalesced to build thine eye, to sheath her co(u)sun,
 Drank fertile photon seed, ‘came pregnant, and
 ecstasy, awe, and worship, of what we truly are
 delivered on thy skin, what forms our core:
 Th’ancestral star, self-unmade, to make thee, 
make heaven’s bodies mark thy mortal sand
 She, goddess-born, reshaped herself to shape thee, 
and thus reshaping, made herself more grand

Resplendent woman, sun-moon-star enchanted
 felt comets finger-traced, thy skies to please
 fingers touched what’s deep inside thee planted
 And touching, mingled split divinities

Note: I wrote it in Oct 2000 for a beautiful Italian girl I knew named Consuelo. 
It's inspired by a small tattoo of celestial bodies she had on her foot.

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