Tom n Lisa’s Wedding Dance

Forests, flowers, bridges, towers, mushrooms, festoons
Where stand six billion befuddled maroons
Heads a-scratch, on a giant gym floor, up the whole orb taking
Planned by who-knows-who, four billion spins in the making

While girls stray to one side, boys the other
Praying for partner, perchance lover
While most shuffle in lines, while many corner-cower
You dance steps picked for you by joy’s power

What most call pipes-a-clank, you know it’s drums
Where most hear silence, you, melodic hums
You danced spasmodic, danced erotic, danced apart
Danced for yourselves ‘til danced you to your counter-hearts

Dervish-like, ecstatic, twirling, cruise you by
Throwing light by nature, ne’er a need to try
“Come you lone wall-flowers, see our wacky waltz and rise!
There’s music everywhere! Come exercise your thighs!”
Pours from your focused eye gaze, fusing nucleeiz,
To kindle sopping hearts with sparks like tinders dry

Together dancing different through the ebbs ’n’ flows
Together getting punch and rubbing trodden toes
Together dancing different ‘til time comes you goes.
And maybe after that, who knows? Who knows?


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