Final Say


7 thoughts on “Final Say

  1. Wow – pretty heavy…much to think about redeeming and rising above there. Congrats, too, on your achievement if finishing and publishing! (And thanks for sharing with us.)

  2. Big Fella. Thanks for sharing this. Love the passion in the voice; love the lyrics even more; much spoken the way ppl are today and the current society.

    • Thanks Jen. It has been a long time in coming. Well, in a way… This song is new, but others, and the poems go back up to 11 years. I’ll be posting those one by one, as fast as I can…

  3. Cool beans Eric, good to see you are sharing your stuff now. You’ve been keeping these secrets too long. Glad to see you’re gonna let us normal people enjoy some of your songs and words of wisdom. Mega props from Costa Rica

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