A better way for Pope Francis

I just wrote a long response to a friend on FB about this meme.

It was too long for that venue, so reposting here for everyone; who knows, maybe you’ll like it too…

So about the Pope’s recent encyclical on Climate Change and other screwed up stuff about this world

I read most of it. It was long as hell, so forgive me if I go on a bit too – I’ll still be much briefer then the good pontiff ūüėȬ† I agree with 90% of what he says, maybe more. It’s his solutions and views of the root causes of the problems I see playing into the hands of the self-styled “Elite.” For example, at 129 he talks about the need to use Civil authorities to restrain massive monoculture and favor sustainable approaches like Permaculture (though he doesn’t call it by that name) because the little guys can’t compete. I agree with him Big Agro is bloody awful and Permaculture one of the major keys to a positive future. But the solution is not to pass more laws. Big agro is massively subsidized by government in lots of ways – just remove that. Also,¬†the little guys didn’t used to know how to do things right –¬† the farmers who got squeezed out were not practicing permaculture, they were using misguided agro techniques, turning over the soil, thereby destroying it’s vitality, creating the dust bowl, desertification, etc. Look at the work of people like Sepp Holzer, Geoff Lawton, and Masanobu Fukuoka. People like that hold the key to beautiful, sustainable, diverse, restorative, small scale food production, and they are phenomenally successful. In the case of Holzer, the government has been his biggest opponent in creating abundance and healing the land. Re fossil fuels (also massively subsidized – how about we stop that?) Tesla invented the means to harness the earth’s electrical field and provide free energy on demand to all of humanity in the early 1900s. That was¬†derailed by JP Morgan, and¬†when Tesla died, his notes and other intellectual property were seized and classified by J Edgar Hoover, a representative of what? The US Government.¬† Countless other patents are held secret because they would likely disrupt the current strangle-hold paradigm. Wall street’s fueling of an unsustainable, rampant, soulless, consumer “culture” got you down? Here¬†is a 1912 cartoon predicting what would happen under the Aldrich Plan, which we now know as the Federal Reserve. Look at it and tell me this¬†is not exactly what we’ve seen. So again, it is the centralization of power in (quasi) government, and inevitable use to benefit the “elite” that’s at the root of the problem. Don’t like the genocide of the Native Americans? Who did it? Federal Troops. Don’t like the Holocaust? Who did it?¬† Government troops. And so on and so on – the list is endless.¬† But now in Chapter 5 of his missive, the Pope suggests we save ourselves by again further consolidating power in the hands of a “true world political authority” which is “empowered to impose sanctions.”

Who would¬†control that power? How would they wield it? What comes next, if sanctions prove insufficient to enforce¬†compliance? I will answer those rhetorical questions: 1) The “Elite”would control it – aka the people who want to rule the world and pretty much do. 2) For their own¬† benefit. 3) Military enforcement (aka violence) is the objective. Just like every time before.¬†

None of that¬†is needed. If we believe in people, in the net positivity of humans, it is clear that now, with the internet (a successful government infrastructure program of military origin I’m grateful for) Permaculture, projects like the Civilization Starter Kit, Direct local production (ex. amazing rapid advances in 3D printing like this, and this) we have the tools to diffuse power and self-evolve a positive future from the ground up without further empowering “new” overlords under the pleasant illusion that they will gift it to us.¬†¬†