Trajectory Lyrics

A bunch of you have emailed me directly asking for the Trajectory lyrics, so figured I’d make it easy for everyone and just post them. The sound file’s still in the previous post.


Rhymes crossin’ lines and causin’ commotion,
I’m dipped like Achilles in the river Styx potion,
I’m mentally moistened with enchanted flow-lotion,
Yeah, including my heels, so best be droppin’ that notion,
Now ya can’t read my lips, as eyes can’t track their motion,
When I’m flexin mental muscle like my mind was Hulk Hogan
Yo ta rouse up da “rabble”, past political slogans,
Spittin’ anti-poison points
like darts from my tongue blowgun,
With words ‘stead o’ lead am I loading my flowguns
‘fore drawnin my claws from my paws like I’m Logan
to restore New York City of Troy to us Trojans
From shells o’men, holdin’ locust souls,
like those o’ Vogons

We even got to love the oppressors x3
But we don’t have to take it from them

Now I’m a gyroscopic dervish,
a griffin most unMervish,
A shorty-pleasin’ freak,
yes I must admit I’m pervish
Lovin’ kindly bud kind, and women firm and curvish
Helps my helecoptic drop-kick knock da conquerors topsy-turvish
with the heart of a lion, and the head of an eagle,
What I eat is raw meat, not the saccharine-sweet treacle,
beamed as waking dreams from church and media steeple,
to move mooin’ masses, of ungulate people,
the smell say it wholesome, but the substance be fecal,
so peekl- ike Dorothy ‘hind the closed curtain,
view the humbug thug, and with danger you flirtin’, now
but don’t get dissuaded in, threats they paraded in,
to stir-up the waves of the waters we waded in
Cut down the trees, all our ancestors shaded in
obliterate th’shape of the world the Source made it in,
our souls for efficiency, solely they’d trade it in
to silence modern prophets from out-blurtin’ certainty, in
tocsins, to defrock sins, o’ those who spewin’ new toxins,
pressin’ the flocks in, to cubical coffins,
passin’ mind’s-eye dark glasses to blind those they mockin,
stuffin’ socks in the maws of the different-drum marchers
to silence the voices o’vocal, social word archers
but pensmen’s meant swordsmen and shieldsman’s ment-parchers
So we’ll cleave through the man’s paltry armor of starched-shirts
Like lye in the eye, to their mind, caustic truth hurts
so they try to deny higher site of the converts
from their way of life, while to nature they’re converse
Buyin’ circular, sly, awry testify’n’ experts
For hidin’ their hands, on which our victims’ blood spurts
thicker than water, and redder than alerts
While cower the cowed with a kowtow bow and a sey-curts


and so on it go on as the dollar gets handed up
But know the holiest grail was a carpenter’s sanded cup,
I’d hope when o’restressed, downpressed volcanic man’d erupt
ta demand out of hand reprimand of the man’s corrupt,
Canned barcode “brand” of life long, never lookin’ up
to see we’re all one, and it’s time we be hookin’ up
Utopian dreams into schemes to be cookin’ up
Dissolving the lies that our lives have been gookin’ up
Said what’s settled as sediment’s meant ta get shooken up
Their challenge is made, now the gauntlet gets tooken up
The Wailers said “stand!” ain’t it time we were standin’ up?
Once we all jump on our feet we’ll be landin’ up
Stop bein’ their puppets, ‘n’make string pullin’-men pet-pups
Cause sheep teeth could kill wolf, if only they banded up.
Don’t know about you, but I’m sick o’ the bullshit,
The one thing in life of which they serve up a surfeit,
They say nothing good works, because nothing is perfect
But love, straight to peace’ll set this world’s


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